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Using solar energy for your Electric Cars Anyone?

asked 2013-06-02 16:09:10 -0500

aggarwal.n gravatar image

BMW has joined a recent line of mfrrs offering electric cars. It is releasing 700 cars nationwide. Generally these sort of early releases have been limited to the California market, they are making select cars available in the northeast too. This is an interesting link to a post about charging your electric car using solar power. Just some additional food for thought for those of us considering solar. BMW After clicking the link above, look for a post on "Powering your ActiveE with Solar". Enjoy

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answered 2015-04-24 10:46:53 -0500

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updated 2015-04-24 10:46:53 -0500

john gravatar image

Happens all the time and makes a lot of sense! There is a good blog on EnergySage covering this topic, see here:

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