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Property Lien?

asked 2015-06-22 18:30:23 -0500

mpbooth4 gravatar image

A co-worker of mine mentioned that SolarCity included a lien on his property as part of his lease agreement. This prevented him from re-financing his mortgage. Is this a standard practice? Thanks!

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answered 2015-06-25 15:19:26 -0500

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updated 2015-06-25 15:19:26 -0500

SolarCity says that they do not include liens on properties. However they do include a UCC-1 fixture filing. Some homeowners who have gone solar with SolarCity have found that the UCC-1 can cause complications for them.

We're doing more research on this topic, could you tell us more about the situation?

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Asked: 2015-06-22 18:30:23 -0500

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